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The leading uniform design, supply and management partner for over 300 schools and teams across Australia, for more than 35 years.

QLD Department of Education SOA 78764 preferred wholesaler of schoolwear & sports representative uniforms, and NSW Department of Education 100323007 valued schoolwear supplier.

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SNR101 Wishart SS 2024 Senior Polo Front.png

By far the best polo shirts we have had by a supplier. 

My Son is in grade 5 now, this is the 3rd supplier we have had in that time and would not change now.  All parents and executives really love the shirts. Really lightweight, great material, perfect for Queensland summer for the kids,  and find it easy to wash out pen marks etc that we couldn't in previous polo shirts.

We have now started ordering everything through P&C Uniforms as we find the turnover time so much quicker than any other supplier.



SNR101 Wishart SS 2024 Senior Polo Side.png
Wishart State School

Wishart QLD

Wholesale Uniform Supply


We offer a full service range; all the way from design conceptualisation, to uniform supply and warehousing, through to outsourced management of your school uniform shop. Plus, we specialise in solving common supply issues, so you can be sure our experts have the solution for you. As a P&C Uniforms customer, you receive:

  • Up to $10,000 in rewards

  • Hassle-free ordering process

  • Personalised uniform design services, reviews & updates

  • Interest-free stock financing and warehousing

Why choose P&C Uniforms?

We've been a trusted partner in uniforms & teamwear to Australian schools for over 30 years. We're also a QLD & NSW Dept. of Education approved supplier.

We guarantee the best quality workmanship and fabrics, because we don't settle for anything less.

We offer a full service range: from uniform design & supply, to warehousing, through to onsite & online retail management, and more.

We are specialists in solving common supply issues.

Customer Success Story

"Just a quick email to again thank you all for your excellent customer service, and quick turnaround to rectify our shirt outage. I can not explain how grateful I am to have the support of your team behind me. Thanks everyone."


Before switching to us...

Through initial discussions with Somerset College, we found the school was waiting too long to receive orders; their previous supplier had never offered them any kind of Stock Warehousing service, and each order was taking 8-10 weeks because it was all custom made.

Ontop of this, the sizing was inconsistent, making it hard for parents to confidently buy for their children. Some items in their uniform range were unbranded and inconsistent, while others were made from hot, itchy fabrics not suited to the Australian climate.

How we helped them...

Our first step as their new supplier was to consolidate their sizing system and provide sizing charts to the uniform shop, making it easy for parents to size up their child and buy with confidence. We added in subtle and sophisticated branding to all of their items, further ensuring that consistency filtered through their range. We did away with outdated fabrics, providing superior quality materials yet still reducing their prices by 20-40% across the board.

We’ve now been proudly supplying Somerset College for more than a decade! We continue to provide our Stock Warehousing Service, so they can conveniently receive stock within 3 days of requesting it, ensuring they always have uniforms on the shelves when they need them. And because we love to reward our customers, they take adavantage of our Loyalty Program to receive freebies every year on Staff uniforms, Sportswear, Promotional items and more.

Schoolwear ordering made easy,
with tailored solutions to meet your needs...
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