Uniform Manufacture & Wholesale Supply

The P&C Uniforms point of difference is our commitment to offering schools, teams and businesses the best value and fit for their needs. We're confident our product offering is the best on the market, and we won't try to sell you anything that we think won't be viable for you. To view our extensive range of made-to-order schoolwear, teamwear and more, head over to our product catalogue.

About us

Uniform Design Specialists

Our expert Sales Reps are always gathering feedback from customers to pass on to our Production Team, who work on improving and developing our style range. Our pattern makers and tailors are experts in creating patterns that give students a superior fit and look smart. We have a wealth of knowledge and resources at our disposal to help you improve your school's uniform. If you're looking for an update, whether it's a tweak or a complete overhaul, our in-house Design Team can create free 3D design storyboards for you to "preview" uniform options - click below for our examples.

Stock Warehousing Service

We can hold your uniforms in our Brisbane warehouse for up to 12 months! This allows you to save space in your shop and request uniforms as you need them - and have them delivered to you in just 2-3 days from our warehouse. It also means less cash outlay for your school, plus we can give you recommendations for back-to-school order quantities, ensuring you don't over or under order.


Uniform Shop Management (Outsourcing)

Having trouble running your uniform shop, or just prefer to leave operations to the experts? We've got the convenient and hassle-free solution for you. We can manage your onsite shop in a room provided by the school, or a mobile shop operating on campus. We pride ourselves on our seamless transition process, from taking care of your existing stock all the way through to training and employment for uniform shop assistants. Plus we offer generous rewards for the privilege of providing this service to your school. Ask us about how it works today!

Outsourcing Your School Uniform Shop Operations With P&C Uniforms

Uniform Shop Appraisals & Operations Assistance

Ever wondered how other successful uniform shops operate? We supply to more than 300 schools Australia wide and can share our expertise with you. From merchandising and store layout, to inventory management systems and procedures, financial performance targets, pricing recommendations, staffing and more. Our experienced staff can also assist existing customers with onsite stock rotation, stock counts, and assistance during busy sales periods.

Hassle-free Back-To-School Ordering

Transitioning (Changing Suppliers)

We know that moving away from one supplier to another can be very stressful and challenging. This is where P&C Uniforms is second to none. Having been in the schoolwear business for 30+ years, we take all the hassles out of changing suppliers. Not only do we replicate and maintain consistency in your uniform, we can also help to improve them across the board. Plus we assist with purchase of your existing supplier’s stock. You will find changing to P&C Uniforms to be a rewarding experience for your school!

P&C Uniforms is a QLD DET SOA 78764

and NSW DET 100323007 preferred wholesale schoolwear supplier.




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